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Father Guido Sarducci's Five Minute University vs. Foundation of Knowledge

At the core of Father Guido's sketch are two simple questions.  "What is a college education?", and more importantly, "What should a college education be?".  Foundation of Knowlege provides a common definition across all NKU majors of what a college education should be as reflected through a series of Student Learning Outcomes. Together, Foundation of Knowledge and a Student's Major prepare our students for life and work after graduation in a complex and rapidly changing world. 

What is a college education? What should it be?

In the video above, Douglas Thomas challenges us to rethink college education.  He discusses four points:

  1. Changing perceptions of content versus truth - his point about how students arive at truth from a triangulation across multiple media is particularly interesting and important in the design of learning environments.
  2. Classrooms as context - this aligns with a view of moving beyond a structural perspective of curricula to a communicative perspective of curricula and in a sense changes the conceptual tools we use to foster learning in the classroom.
  3. Finding vs Assigning Passion - do we encourage students to "find" passion or expect them to "adopt" our passion - how does this impact learning.
  4. Questions are possibly more important than answers - ths point goes directly to our QEP emphasis on Critical Thinking.  Do our instructional environments develop our students' abilities to think and question critically.

Foundation of Knowledge: Understanding and Advising Students

The integration of Foundation of Knowledge and the major is critical to helping our students prepare for life and work in the 21st Century.  In a sense, the role of advisor is really one of a navigator.  You help direct a student on their journey to a college degree.  The quality of advising can have a major impact on the extent to which students value Foundation of Knowledge and the extent to which they are able to integrate knowledge, skills and values gained as they matriculate through general education to completion of a major and ultimately to life and work after graduation. The Faculty and Advisor section of our web page is designed to improve your understanding of Foundation of Knowledge and to help you guide students in your advisor role.