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Foundation of Knowledge and the Distinctive NKU Graduate

Foundation of Knowledge is NKU's general education program.  While general education is an essential component of an undergraduate degree, it is often viewed as a "series of hoops" students jump through to get to "the important stuff" - the major.  However, Foundation of Knowledge is much more than a series of hoops.

Foundation of Knowledge is a piece of the NKU degree that defines the common yet distinctive attributes we hope students demonstrate at graduation and beyond.  These attributes are defined by our Student Learning Outcomes. These outcomes are distributed across courses you will complete in the following categories: Communication, Scientific & Quantitative Literacy, Self & Society, Culture & Creativity and Global Viewpoints. You and your advisor can construct a path that helps you develop the outcomes and integrate Foundation of Knowledge into your major area of study preparing you for life and work after graduation.

This site is designed to help you plan and navigate your journey through general education to your major and beyond.  If you wish to discuss general education, please contact your advisor or our office for an appointment.