Teaching and Learning Resources

The "Act" and "Art" of creating learning environments for students are the hallmarks of Foundation of Knowledge.  Across campus, our faculty critically and creatively engage students in activities that help them develop the knowledge, skills and values essential for success after graduation. 

NKU has designed Foundation of Knowledge to integrate closely with the major.  Many of the student learning outcomes stated for Foundation of Knowledge cannot be fully realized through completing the general education program.  The design of the program is truly a "Foundation" upon which the major will build. This intentional design integrates general knowledge gained through experiences in Foundation of Knowledge and specialized knowledge gained through the major to develop distinctive NKU Graduates prepared for 21st Century Life and Work.

The Teaching and Learning section of our web is designed to help our faculty design and deliver learning experiences that support our evolving definition of the NKU Graduate.  It serves as both a toolbox for faculty as they design learning experiences and an "intellectual commons" where we share our course designs as a form of public scholarship for ours peers to celebrate and incorporate into their own scholarly purusits in teaching and learning.

As we think about helping students develop the distinctive characteristics of the NKU Graduate, we should also explore what the interaction of teacher and learner might be.  Dr. Michael Wesch's work provides important insight into the learners we are engaging in our courses, the world and workplace they will be entering, and the types of learning experiences that might best prepare students for life and work after graduation. His website provides a great starting place for thinking about how we might redesign education for the NKU Graduate.